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flower shop singapore

flower shop singapore

There’s nothing more captivating, soothing and solacing like a thoughtfully styled bouquet of farm-fresh flowers. Flowers can give you a second mouth to speak it better. With Well Live Florist
Shop in Singapore, it’s not just roses or lilies. We have a comprehensive range of flowers in our shop for you to choose from. Apart from roses and lilies, we have carnations, gerbera, tulips, sunflower, hydrangeas and chocolates and much more. We have a flower for any occasion you want to host or message you want to pass. We’re not only a flower shop who can sell you flowers. We can help you customize the flowers you buy to suit the intended feeling and emotion you want
to express.

Do Colours Really Matter?

We have a wide assortment of flowers based on colours, types, and price. If you intend to send a flower to a friend for a birthday celebration, then you need one that signifies happiness and friendship. Yellow flowers are best suited for such occasions. Tulips, lilies, and dandelions are great for friendships. Marigold, roses and red carnations are ideal for lovers. Beautiful lavenders are best suited for early relationships as they denote enchantment. For the married couples, a bloom of red tulips will perfectly match the occasion. If you want to pay tribute to deceased, floral arrangements that symbolize love and respect are ideal. Roses and lilies are recommended. With flowers, colours mean a lot. Orange and red colours evoke passion and energy. Green, blue and white colours signify humility, peace, and calmness, particularly during sad times.

To ensure flowers arrive in tip-top condition, we are considerate in our packaging and arrangements. No matter the type of occasion at hand, we’re your one-stop flower shop where you can source fresh flowers. We also guarantee affordable pricing and reliable delivery. You never go wrong with flowers particularly when you work with your trusted flower shop. Visit our website https://flowerdeliverysingapore.online/  and explore a wide range of colourful fresh flowers for any occasion.

Choosing the right Flower

What kind of flower? how much is it? what does it means?


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